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You will need to submit your proposal form with the topic you have chosen in order to complete your Archival Proposal. You can choose your own topic based on the materials here and this needs to be approved by the module tutor. In the case that you cannot choose a topic we have provided here below some approved titles which can be used as topic:1. Explain and comment upon the proposition that the doctrine of self-determination is confined to colonial situations.2. Assess the contribution of the United Nations to the enforcement of international law with references to one of the following: (1) the Kuwait crisis 1990-1991 (2) Iraq 2003-2006 or (3) Libya 2011.3. The 1958 UN Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York Convention) has been dubbed the most successful commercial treaty in the world. Critically evaluate this statement.Note: Write a title for a research project. Take an idea from above titles.Use main References from Theory of International Law by Robert KolbDon’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onTheory of International LawJust from $13/PageSubject Title: Mental Wealth – International Law: Problems and ProcessTasks: 1. Write a Research title by yourself.2. Write an Abstract (no more than 250 words explaining the main arguments and topics to be discussed in the paper)3. Give at least 6 hard copy citations (Footnotes & related Books references only).4. Use OSCOLA referencing style and footnotes.For more information on Theory of International Law read this:

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