How does Kant distinguish between hypothetical and categorical imperatives, and how is the distinction relevant to morality? – custom papers

How does Kant distinguish between hypothetical and categorical imperatives, and how is the distinction relevant to morality? (128) Why does Rachels say that categorical imperatives are “mysterious” (p. 129)?Question 11: What does Rachels consider to be the “basic idea underlying the Categorical Imperative” (p. 134), and why does he think it is worth preserving despite its logical and practical difficulties? Why does Rachels think that Kant went one step too far in making this “basic idea” the foundation of all morality? Explain your answers. (133-5, see also pp. 10, 41)Study Questions 10Question 6: Explain why Kant thinks the utilitarian theory of punishment is “incompatible with human dignity” (p. 142).Question 9: Comment on whether you agree with Kant that morality demands no less (and no more) than the punishment of the wrongdoer in proportion to his or her crime, or whether you agree with Bentham that society should employ alternative methods of reducing crime that do not involve the deliberate infliction of suffering.GUIDELINES FOR PREPARING HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTSWriting guidelines.All explanation, commentary and discussion must be in your own words. Do not copy or insert material from any source except for purposes of quotation, reference, analysis or illustration. [1] Quoted material must be enclosed within quotation marks and properly cited. Publication details for printed works and valid URL addresses for internet sources should be checked for accuracy. [2] Footnotes, if used, should be placed at the bottom of each page. Quoted material is not included in the word count for the assignment, and excessive use of quoted material is discouraged. Use of any source material, including the textbook, class handouts, secondary sources, encyclopedia articles, internet resources, or another person’s writings or notes without proper quotation marks, references, and citation of author and source is not permitted.Printing guidelines.1. Write your name, date, class, and assignment number at the top of the first page. Write your name and page number on subsequent pages. Use a single staple or paper clip in the upper left hand corner. Use 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced lines, with left justified margin only.2. Do not copy the questions. Write your essay or answers in clear straightforward English. If there are multiple questions be sure to number each answer to correspond with the question number.3. Do not use a cover sheet, title page, or folder. Do not use headers, footers, or outlining systems. Do not use tables, boxes, or horizontal or vertical lines. Do not use color fonts. Do not use bold fonts. Do not include pictures, attachments, print-outs, or supplementary material unless specifically requested to do so.Notes1. Often a question will ask you to explain an idea, theory, argument, or point of view. The purpose is to have you show or demonstrate your understanding, and the best way to do this is to present the ideas in your own words. Since copying or paraphrasing material from texts or other sources does not show understanding, it does not count as an explanation. (Return)2. References to printed works should include author, title, publication date and page numbers. References to internet sources should include complete URL address. Internet sources that are invalid or inaccessible will not be accepted as references. (Return)
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