Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics is the integration of personal and professional life. A person could not act one way at home and a completely different way in public. What might the integration of personal and professional life look like, and how can we apply it within the relationships that are the foundation of business? To answer this question, consider the essence of the virtuous person that each ethical system strove to create.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper (minimum of 500 words) in APA format comparing the perspectives of Aristotelian and Confucian virtue ethics. Your paper should answer the following questions:

1- How do personal and professional roles relate to one another based on Aristotelian and Confucian virtue ethics?

2- How do Aristotle and Confucius define a virtuous individual?

3- How does the concept of virtue through education apply to individual and professional ethical standards? How can a virtue approach help to inform ethical conduct in professional settings?

4- Describe issues related to ethical relativism in a global context as raised by the Chiquita case study. How could a virtue approach inform universal standards to address issues raised in a global business environment such as those raised in the Chiquita case? For more information on Virtue Ethics read this:

Virtue Ethics

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