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Community Week 2June 11, 2021Summarize your career development, describe the broad areas of endeavor in which you have engaged, and distinguish between clinically-oriented activities (e.g., teaching, research, practice) and management activities.June 11, 2021

Find a current event article from an online newspaper, magazine, or journal that addresses an issue or topic related to the field of MICRO-economics.  You should search for such an article by browsing some of the online news resources listed in the course syllabus and discussed in the first week of class(whatever microeconomy). For example, Supply and demand. The article that you find should not have been published earlier than May 25, 2014.
After finding such an article, each student must submit a printed copy of the article attached together with a typedsummary of the articleâ€s most important points written in the studentâ€s own words.  The summary should begin with the identification of the relevant topic/issue in the field of microeconomics.  The final summary must be approximately one or two double-spaced pages.
Students will be penalized if they do not follow all of the instructions above (for example, not attaching the typed summary to the original article) and/or if their article is not appropriate to the field of microeconomics.

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