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posted a question 57 – Essay WritersJune 11, 2021business finance help 1 – Essay WritersJune 11, 2021   I need a report about a specific book which is (Cry Freedom) by john briley. The report is a two paper report quetions. just easily answer the questions in the paper. you can find a summary and everything about the book in the link that I gave you. I need a summary using my own words, so please I need everything paraphrased. also, consider that i am an international student so the report should be easy to understand and has easy vocabulary. thank you—John-Briley-reon.php  please just answer the Questions in the below attachmentsAnd I will pay 20$ but supposed to be done maximum 3 hours so i can submit it because its due datethank you  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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