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summary response essay towards article 1June 11, 2021Mead meals | Business & Finance homework helpJune 11, 2021   Overview Complete a 3–4-page employment application questionnaire asking you to analyze a personal management experience.The assessments in this course build upon one another and must be completed in the order presented. Show Less Are you a planner? One of the primary roles of a manager is to plan. Are you a natural planner? What makes a good planner? What goes into creating a solid plan? Do you have a career plan?Assessment Instructions OverviewIn this assessment, you will complete an employment application questionnaire in which you analyze a personal management experience. The scenario presented here will be applicable to future assessments.PreparationReview the Atha Application Questionnaire [DOCX]. Use it and the scenario below to complete this assessment.ScenarioImagine that after exploring online job postings, you submitted an application and resume to Atha Corp for a management position. Atha markets its product—unique lighting products (wall, pendant, floor, table, and nightlights)—through a series of regional distributors and directly online. A short time later you received the following e-mail.Atha Corporation HR E-mailDear Applicant,Thank you for your interest in employment at Atha. We have received your application packet. The next step for candidates is to provide a narrative response to the questions in the attached document. Please return your completed document to me.Once we receive your responses, we will review them and notify you of the next steps.Good luck! Sincerely,Thomas HardyHuman Resources RecruiterAtha CorporationInstructionsRespond to the scenario by completing the Atha Application Questionnaire [DOCX].Additional RequirementsYour assessment should also meet the following requirements:· Format: Use the Atha Application Questionnaire document to complete this assessment.· Length: 3–4 pages, double-space lines.· Written communication: o Express your main points, arguments, and conclusions coherently.o Use correct grammar and mechanics.o Proofread your writing.Competencies MeasuredBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment scoring guide criteria:· Competency 1: Analyze characteristics and behaviors of effective managers. o Analyze one’s own approach to management of a specified project or event.o Justify why chosen management characteristics are appropriate for a specified situation.· Competency 3: Communicate effectively and professionally. o Convey clear meaning in active voice, with minimal issues in grammar, usage, word choice, spelling, or mechanical errors.o Describe an instance where one was required to manage a group, team, or project.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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