Under normal driving conditions, an internal combustion engine

a project about a linear constant coefficient 2 by 2 system of differential equations 1June 11, 2021learning and cognition handbook 6June 11, 2021 Under normal driving conditions, an internal combustion engine produces approximately 200 grams (0.2 kilograms or 0.44 pounds) of CO2 per kilometer driven.In one large city, there are 7 million cars,And, each car is driven an average of 20,000 kilometers (12, 400 miles) per year.Calculate the carbon footprint per car,The number of metric of CO2 produced by a typical car in one year.Calculate the total carbon footprint for all cars in the city,The metric tons of CO2 produced by all cars in one year. (1 metric ton=1,000 kg=1.1 tons).   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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