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Age Discrimination in Employment Act provides some protections to employees over 40. Research the act and consider what this may or may not mean for employers accommodating older workers. As a human and social services professional, you have the ability to create social change by ensuring all employees have a fair and diverse work environment. Select two issues you believe are important for organizations to consider when including aging adults in the workforce. Also, think about whether organizations should be required to accommodate older adults in the workforce and, if so, how.
Post by Day 3 a description of the two issues you selected. Then, explain whether you think organizations and workplaces should have to make adjustments to accommodate older adult workers. If not, explain why, and if so, explain what accommodations should be implemented. Explain what you might do as a human and social services professional to create social change by ensuring all employees have a fair and diverse work environment. Support your post with examples from the literature.


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