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Oman is looking to boost investment in its shipping and logistics sector and the shipping sector is one of the major non-oil dependent segments of the economy which has the potential to fill a substantial part of the gross domestic product of Oman and create numerous quality jobs.

Conduct a study on the challenges that face the local investors to invest in shipping agencies sector in Oman and how to overcome of these challenges
Please use the following guide questions to complete your final assessment for shipping. You are encouraged to do web research to complete your report.The final assessment, which is a marked assignment for Shipping,
Note:A plagiarized work will earn a 0.Please write in your own words.

Layout of the report:

Cover page
Table of contents
Executive summary

Introduction of the topic
Overview of the shipping agencies
What are the current procedures to apply for a shipping agency†licence in Oman?
What are the challenges that face the local investors to invest in shipping agencies†sector in Oman?
What are the factors that attract the local investors in shipping agencies†sector in Oman?
How to overcome of these challenges and facilitate trade in Oman?

Additional guidelines for English:
1. Please note your sources and write references accordingly:
a.Images, pictures and photos should be properly referenced.
2.Your report must be type writing
3.Write your full name, your ID, Class section and title of the company in front page.
4.Write your report in a professional way.

Format of the report
Font type: Times New Roman
Font size: 12
Spacing: Single Spacing
Paragraph: Justify left and right side
Length of report: 6 pages (Exclude the cover page, table of contents, references and appendixes)
Reference and Citation: (book, journal, article, website)
Submission document: Microsoft Word ONLY

Avoid any cheating/copying that may result in an instant failing of the final assessment.

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