history 5 7 double spaced pages


World War 1 – Plagarisim page required
Each student is required to complete a five to seven-page
paper on the following prompt:
Consider three memorials of your choosing – one physical memorial in the
United States, one physical memorial outside of the United States, and one
non-physical memorial (song, poem, movie, etc).
How do these memorials and artworks create a sense of collective
memory? What is the collective memory they create for their audience?
Some questions you may want to consider as you create your answer: Do
these memorials adequately capture the experiences of the individual you
studied throughout the semester? Who do these memorials imagine as
their audience? What aspects of the war do these memorials capture? What
aspects of the war do they glance over? What is the impact of highlighting
or omitting these aspects?
This paper is due May 10

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