Respond in 5 sentences or more.

The fundamental skills I learned in this course is first to organize your thoughts and research. The importance of this organization is to make sure your idea flows and is in a logical order, so it makes sense to the reader. Organizing your research can also prevent you from inadvertently committing plagiarism. When you are organizing your research, you can include quotes from sources you would like to use in your paper. By having the source and quotes together, you will not forget it is not your thought but rather someone else’s. I found this skill helpful while completing research for my paper. It not only saved me time in the end but also made sure I gave credit where credit was due. An additional skill I learned was making sure I took into account the reader of my writing. Bearing in consideration the reader will allow me to customize the communication to appeal to either their ethos, pathos, or logos. Therefore, the writing will be more effective.

I plan to organize my thoughts and research in both my professional, academic and personal life. In the professional world, communications and presentations are used on a daily basis. By organizing what I want to say and completing the appropriate research, I gain credibility with my audience. Keeping in mind who will be exposed to my writing or whom I am trying to appeal to will determine how formal or what information I need to include in my communication or presentation. In my academic life, researching and organizing the research will allow me to write a succinct and credible paper. Personally, knowing my audience will allow me to know which angle to present my persuasion in the most impactful manner.

The two strategies I would recommend college students is to organize their thoughts and research and to keep in mind who the audience is. These two strategies will carry them through not only college but also in their professional life. As stated above, these two invaluable strategies can be helpful in every facet of writing in life. An additional strategy I would advise is to make sure their writing is grammatically correct. The fastest way for a writer to lose their credibility is to have grammatical errors. Taking the time to proofread and running the paper/essay through software, such as Grammarly, can ensure the writer maintains his/her credibility. Investing time into a well-developed paper will save time in the end because the author will not need to rewrite or retract anything in the article.

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