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Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and use their time most productively.

This site Trends in Child Care Center Licensing Regulations and Policies for 2014 contains a continuously evolving list of selected websites that provide health and safety tips and information applicable to child care settings.
Download the Short-Answer Response Assessment Submission Form document, and answer each question.
Download the Writing Checklist to review prior to submitting your Assessment.

(Note for International Students: This Competency Assessment requires knowledge of regulations in the United States. For the purpose of this Assessment, please choose any state as a basis for responding to the questions in the Assessment.)
This Assessment requires submission of one (1) document: a completed “Short-Answer Template.” Save this file as MP005_firstinitial_lastname (for example, CR001_J_Smith).
When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, use the Assessment tab on the top navigation menu.

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