mycobacterium tuberculosis


Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

1.You Upload two pictures of the bacteria from a SEM ( Scanning Electron Microscope) and a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) from the internet. Clearly label each image including your pathogen’s name: genus and species (correct spelling and italicized). Make sure you upload your images correctly to the discussion so they DO NOT show just as a link. (5 points)

  • Shape and arrangement of your pathogen (2 points)
  • Type of flagella, number and correctly named arrangement of the flagella (example: monotrichous) (1 point)
  • Capsule or not (If yes, describe what is it made from) (1 point)
  • Gram staining status OR acid-fast stain cell wall description. Explain why your pathogen has this status by describing your pathogen’s cell wall structure. (2 points)
  • Can it form endospores? If yes, explain when they form endospores. (1 point)
  • Where is your pathogen usually found? (Ex. soil, water, zoonosis, airborne or maybe it only has a human host) (1 point)

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