5 paragraphs essay you will need to watch two different documentaries


You will need to watch two different documentaries; Race 2012 and Miss-Representation. Using Race 2012 and Miss-Representation, write about some of the pitfalls that women and ethnic individuals might face in the world of politics. In your opinion, is the system set up for these individuals to even pursue politics? Mention the concept of “Whitetopia”. How is “whiteness” defended in the media? How might women be unfairly portrayed against their male counterparts when running for office? For full credit, you MUST actually WATCH both documentaries and report on them. Your opinion is fine, but it must be underscored by evidence that you WATCHED both documentaries.
Answer in 5 paragraphs; APA Style

I think the PBS’s youtube channel has plenty of clips of Race 2012 posted. Watching those clips should give you everything you need to write a quality essay

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