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This assignment involves drafting an annotated bibliography in proper bibliographic format, discussing at least three (3) academic sources. This assignment should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in a standard 12-point font.
Your goal in this assignment is to simulate the first stages of a university research project. Our theme for this assignment will be ‘higher education’ itself. You are asked to do academic research, using scholarly sources, on any one of the following topics:

Sex on University Campuses
Gender Dynamics in Higher Education
Learning Styles
Study Habits
Diversity and Inclusion on Campus
Students and Part-Time Work
First-Generation Students
Campus Responses to Sexual Violence
Note-Taking Strategies
Role of Computers and Devices in University
Plagiarism Outside of the University
Active Reading
Post-Graduation Employment
Health and Nutrition in Students
Time Management Strategies
Privilege and Disparity in Student Finances
Teaching Styles
Higher Education Trends in a Country
Online Learning in Higher Education
For-Profit Universities
Student Debt and Outcomes
Proposals for Making Higher Education Free
Mature Students
Ability and Disability on Campus
Skills-Based Education
Introversion and Extroversion
What Employers Are Seeking
What People Do with Social Sciences Degrees
Distraction in the Classroom
Or: Other (In Consultation with Instructor)

In order to conduct research on any of the above topics, you can include evidence from:

Research in Canada, the U.S.A., or any other country in the world
Research on colleges, universities, or any other form of higher education This assignment has two elements: an introduction and an annotated bibliography.One: Introduction
Compose an introductory section for your assignment of approximately 400 to 600 words. Writing a strong opening section for a research paper is a crucial skill. While your research will not make you an instant expert on your topic, you should have enough knowledge to compose an introductory paragraph that ties your research sources together.
Two: Annotated Bibliography
An “annotated bibliography” is a properly formatted list of research sources, where each item listed is followed by insightful comments (“annotations”) written by the researcher (i.e. you). Compile an annotated bibliography based on at least three (3) of the strongest, most relevant, and most helpful academic resources you have found after your library research. Exemplars of succesful student submissions are available on Avenue to learn, showing the basic format while also showing that minor differences in layout and style are acceptable. Resource Quality: · For this exercise, at least three (3) of your research resources must be academic journal articles and/or academic books, and/or chapters in academic books, rather than websites, newspapers, or magazine articles. · As always, any sources you cite in your work should be added to your bibliography – in this case with annotations added. · Government reports and reports by universities may be used and cited, but will count as non-academic for the purposes of this assignment.

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