Assessment Instrument

Assessment Instrument

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*******Specific Instruction for this paper – Please reword this paper and check for plagiarism. Some of the articles are old. Scroll to the bottom of this page, I added some article just cite those in place of the old ones. If the articles do not contain enough information, you can find a replacement, but it must be a scholarly article and try to add the doi number*********.


For each assessment, you are tasked with selecting, you will identify an instrument and:

  1. Identify a scholarly, peer-reviewed article that addresses the use of the instrument.
  2. Discuss if the instrument is appropriate for diagnosing the condition it is designed to assess or if the developers of the instrument reported that the instrument is only part of a comprehensive assessment for the disorder.
  3. Describe whether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment.
  4. Discuss the psychometrics of the instrument, including reliability and validity.
  5. Discuss any limitations associated with the use of the instrument


You will identify three (3) different assessment instruments-one used in the assessment/diagnosis of:

  1. Neurodevelopmental Disorder
  2. Disruptive, or impulse-Control disorder
  3. Conduct disorder.

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