Company Financial Statement Analysis Paper


Company Financial Statement Analysis Paper

Detailed Analysis and paper Requirements
1. Preform comprehensive ratio analysis by calculating all the key ratios found on pages 248 and 249 of the textbook. Calculate the key ratios using Excel and provide to instructor as an attachment. Make sure that your calculations are not hard coded into Excel. You are to show the reference data and formula.
2. Prepare and analyze common-size financial statements, both vertical and horizontal, as discussed and illustrated on pages 221-223 of the textbook. Calculate common size financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) both vertical and horizonal using Excel and provide to instructor as an attachment.
3. Determine what industry your company would be in and locate industry ratios. Include interpretations and comparisons of results in Part 1 above to industry ratios you locate.
4. Include in report a brief discussion of the limitations of ratio analysis.
5. The body of your report should begin with an Executive Summary, then analysis and interpretation based on the ratios and common size financial statements relative to decision on the company stock.


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