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IL Project 2Together we’ll learn about the peer-review process, contrast scholarly vs popular content, and search for scholarly articles.  Then you will each find at least 2 full-text scholarly articles that have data that help you to understand your public health issue and write one paragraph in your own words explaining how this data supports why you should work on this issue.For this project you will write in one document:This Information Literacy Project is NOT a group project.  You will work in breakout rooms just to be able to exchange information that you find with your colleagues, but each person will find 2 articles on their own.1) You name and health topic2) What observations have you made about your health topic?  Do you know anyone who is affected?  Are you interested in it for a particular reason?  What have you noticed about it in people you know or in your community?3) What question(s) do these observations make you wonder about?  For example, are you interested in how to prevent the health issue, or how to talk about the health issue, or how to treat the health issue, or some other question?4) What is the science behind your question?  Have other scientists looked into your question before?  What background information about your question is out there from reliable sources and scholarly articles?5) Find at least 2 full-text scholarly articles that have data showing information about your question(s) on your health topic.6) Provide APA citations of your articles.7) Summarize the two articles in your own words.8) How do these articles help you to understand your question(s) about your health topic?PreviousNext
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