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Leadership in Law Enforcement:Assignment QuestionsDon’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onLeadership in Law EnforcementJust from $13/Page1. (A) List and explain the differences between (1) authority, (2) responsibility, and (3) delegation. (B) List 6 key points to remember to delegate effectively. (C) List and explain the three levels of authority managers need to match tasks with.2. (A) List and explain the 4 management skills. (B) List the two personal characteristics that help effective managers succeed. (C) List 4 tools that are essential for managers to successfully accomplish their roles.3. List the 4 management styles and their originator and summarize, in detail, the specifics / premise of each style.4. (A) List 6 key points of Drucker’s management approach to police management. (B) List 10 Key points to Deming’s approach to police management.5. (A) Define micromanagement. (B) List three descriptors of micromanagers. (C) List two descriptors of micromanaged employees. (D) List 5 symptoms of micromanagement. (E) List 4 ways supervisors can become mentors for micromanagers.6. Define (A) goals, (B) objectives, (C) work plans, (D) policies and procedures; (E) holistic management, (F) dispersed leadership and (G) team approach.7. List and explain the 6 research theories related to leadership and the key concepts of each.8. (A) List the 6 components of dispersed leadership. (B) Define incident command. (C) Define unified command. (D) List the 4 actions to create a climate in which the truth is heard.9. List the 3 leadership styles and identify 4 keys points for each style.10. (A) List and explain in detail the 4 common leadership errors outlined in the text. (B) List and explain 8 attributes of high-performing teams.

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