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Step 1: Write a paper on the following topic:Find a topic that you are interested in regarding disease prevention. Choose a topic that would reflect your interests, as well as your current role in nursing. (If you are not presently working, use your last position as a nurse). Surgical nurseDon’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onPoison Control CenterJust from $13/PageWrite a 2 page paper APA format, with at least 2 peer-reviewed references, highlighting one of the following- 1. Primary prevention 2. Secondary prevention 3. Tertiary prevention. This paper is focused on client education.An example is – You work for a local Poison Control Center and observe a large number of children ingesting grandparents medicine, with serious consequences. You decide your focus will be on prevention of poisonings with children, focusing on grandparents. You are concerned with primary prevention. By searching through the literature, you realize that most grandparents practiced child safety when raising their own children but relaxed their vigilance once their children were grown. They just forget to take precautions with grandchildren. You are focusing in this case, on education to grandparents.Your paper should include the following.What are you focusing on?Why are you focusing on this? – Why is there a need for this?What type of prevention is this? Primary, secondary, tertiary?Give at least 2 peer-reviewed references validating your claim of a need for this type of education.The paper should be at least 2 pages APA style.

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