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1. Discuss the Nature of Conflict2. Explain How we Experience Conflict3. Discuss What Causes Conflict4. Describe How we Experience Conflict as Perceptions, Feelings, and Actions5. Apply the “Wheel of Conflict”Select one (1) “Focus Statement” from above and post answer as your CTA to appropriate Forum no later than Wednesday 11:55 pm (CST) and post your CRs no later than Sunday 11:55 pm (CST).Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onNature of ConflictJust from $13/PageInstructions:Critical Thinking Activities (CTA): The CTAs are your answer/s to question/s presented above. The word count will be no less than 300, APA style and at least one (1) in-text citation and corresponding APA formatted reference (course text may be used as a reference) section. References section does not count for the 300-word requirement. Do not submit CTA nor CRs as word, PDF, attachments. Either cut/paste efforts into the forum or type directly into thread. You are required to read each peer CTA posts and opening each can be cumbersome if submitted as attachments. CTAs are graded (30 points) by how well you apply the principles of unit to the question posed as well as spelling, punctuation, grammar, format, word count, in-text citation and corresponding reference/s. These will be submitted no earlier than no later than 11:55 pm (CST) each Wednesday. Again, all written assignments will be required to have APA style in-text citations and corresponding reference sections. If you are unfamiliar, please visit: This will link you to an APA style/formatting tutorial and guide. Finally, if you do not meet minimum word count or complete in APA format (citations/reference section); you will not receive any credit for the assignment, as these are minimum requirements. Detailed Grading Rubric below.Constructed Responses (CRs): The weekly CRs are graded (10 points each) on your ability to apply unit principles to two (2) classmate’s CTA posts based on content only. That is, you will be responding to fellow classmate’s CTA posts by either concurring with or taking a different point of view. Each response will be no less than 150 words, in APA format, and include at least one in-text citation and corresponding reference (grading criteria mirrors that of CTAs)

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