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ain is defined as a physical suffering/discomfort caused by illness or injury and is categorized as chronic or acute. Pain-tolerance varies from patient to patient, in fact health care providers may ask patients to describe their pain on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the worst possible pain).
For your initial post:

Investigate and explain the difference between acute and chronic pain
Create a patient-scenario that involves pain management. Make sure your scenario addresses the following:

Does your patient have acute or chronic pain?
Where in the body is your patient experiencing pain?
Is their pain due to illness or injury?
What level on the pain-scale do they report

Review the posts made by your classmates. Choose at least one patient-scenario and reply with the following:

What do you think a provider would recommend as pain management for that patient?

Would it be over-the-counter or require a prescription?
What would be the recommended adult dosage?
Would there be concerns regarding how long the medication could safely be used?

Might there be options other than medications which might help with pain?

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