complete the exercise 1


Utilize the guidance on page 104 to complete the exercise. Address ALL bullet points , but overlook the sub-categories under “Number of professionals in practice….” answer that bullet “categorized according to CA state”.
This should be completed in no more than 2 pages if necessary and in APA style format with proper margins, font, and spacing. NO cover page or reference page required.
No plagiarism
The purpose of this exercise is to give you an opportunity to explore one healthcare profession in detail. From all of the healthcare professions, select one for analysis. Describe the following characteristics of the profession you selected:

Knowledge base
Collective goals
Licensure (varies by state)
Number of professionals in practice by vertical differentiation (position, experience, education level)
Number of professionals in practice by horizontal differentiation (geography, practice setting, specialty)
History and evolution of the profession
Professional associations and their roles
Competitor professions
Current strategic issues that face the profession and the profession’s position on these issues

To get started on this exercise, you may wish to visit the websites of professional organizations and various state licensing boards.

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