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Need two separate response to the below student forum discussion. Each response must be a minimum of 150 words. In the bold below is this weeks question.
Locate a Port Scanning Tool
For this assignment create a new message and address the following items in your posting…

Search the internet or our course lesson/resources for a tool used to conduct port scanning.
List the tool’s name.
List the pros and cons associated with the tool you found.
Locate an incident in which the tool was used to exploit an organization.
List the URL and describe the exploit.
Provide the outcome, was the exploit successful or foiled.

Student one:
The port scanning tool that I would like to discuss is NMAP. I have used NMAP in quite a few labs for previous classes and I have also used it quite a few times on our tool kit we have at my job. NMAP is one of the most popular port scanning tools and can be downloaded off of the internet. It allows active port scanning, host discovery, application version detection, and OS detection. NMAP can be used on Linux, Windows and MAC OS. Some Cons I found for NMAP are NPCAP is required and installs a filter driver in the network stack, it might trigger an intrusion detection system, it could cause scanned host to respond in unexpected ways it can be blocked by antiviruses, and it can be blocked by local firewalls (Moras, 2019).
In 1999 NMAP was used by a technician to try and secure a router for a Georgia emergency agency. While conducting the scan, the security practitioner incidentally scanned a web server owned by another rival company. The rival company filed a police report on the incident and the security practitioner was arrested and sued by the company. The security practitioner won the civil battle and eventually won his legal case. It did end up costing him six figures worth of legal fees in the end. The moral of the story is there can be consequences if port scanning is done without written permission of the owner of the node/network. Even if you are scanning as part of your job it is a good idea to get written permission in case anything happens (NMAP, n.d.).
Moras, J. (2019, February 12). Choosing the Right Discovery Method: NMAP Pros and Cons. Retrieved from
Legal Issues. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Student two:
The port scanner tool I have chosen for this weeks forum is Angry IP Scanner. This is a free tool that does not require an installation in order for it to work, it can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. This tool is easy to use and allows its user to alternate between networks. It scans IP addresses and ports.
Although I tried to find a way this tool was used to exploit an organization. I could not find one. Although, I did find out that this tool can be used to hack into CCTV cameras and WIFI networks. Although this does not sound like a big deal, I could see this potentially being used for something not so good. Hacking to CCTV cameras is not a good idea in general, the cyber attacker could choose to use this to their advantage and that could possibly create a case in the future. As for the WIFI hacking, I am sure it would be really useful to use your neighbors WIFI that is stronger and faster than yours but again, you never know what people are out there that want to use this trick to potentially cause harm out there in the future.
I also could not find any negatives about this device, since it is both non experienced and experienced user friendly, there really is no problem trying to overcome the complexity of it or anything like that. This seems to be an easy tool for companies to use and for personal reasons as well.
(25), B., & (46), J. (n.d.). How To Hack CCTV With Angry IP Scanner !!! Retrieved from…
Jones, A. (2017, August 07). Angry IP Scanner: The network utility which will prevent you from getting angry. Retrieved from…

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