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Explain  in 1-2 pages whether this scenario (see below) used an intuitive or reflective thinking process and why. Then describe this scenario using the alternative process and explain why this scenario used this process for this decision. Be specific.
One of my biggest decisions I have ever made happened just over a year ago. You see I had a stroke and that changed by whole world. I lost by job, and was very lost in life. I fought tooth and nail to fight for disability and finally received it about two years ago. Although this was helpful I was missing something in life, and that was working for a living. So I talked it over with my family and told them I wanted to go back to college and earn a degree to where it would not focus on my disability. My family was hesitant with this decision due to the fact I would lose all I had fought so hard for pertaining to my disability. However, I told them I wanted to go back to go school so I can help people who have had struggled with disabilities such as I have. They knew how much this meant to me so we moved forward and I started college at an older age in life so I can help individuals as myself. Ever since I started school I feel so much better about myself, and can see how far this decision will help so many including myself. Giving up the disability was so well worth it.
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