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Information Tech: Part 1 – Choosing a Topic Assignment (10% of final grade) This assignment is a separate grade from the pre-components, homework and the final paper mentioned above and counts as 10% of your grade. Doing any long term research requires you to spend time researching a topic that is both interesting and researchable within a given time frame. Therefore, the more time and energy you put into selecting something that really stimulates your interest, the more likely it is that you will be motivated during the lengthy the final paper research and writing. You will be given three (3) weeks to come up with a topic and complete the tasks which are part of this assignment. This should give you sufficient time to learn more about the topic that you will spend the following 10 weeks to produce your paper. You will have time to locate books as well as search databases for information about your topic choice.I NEED AN ARGUMENTATIVE TOPIC THAT CAN BE ARGUED IN A RESEARCH PAPER ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, it can be on cybersecurity anything with IT but it must be arguing, ONCE A TOPIC IS MADE FROM YOU WRITER PLEASE FOLLOW STEPS BELOW (no plagiarism at all) Please take your time to do this! Thank you 🙂Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onInformation TechJust from $13/Page1. Keep a detailed record of your search process.2. Submit the following items on Thursday, September 23rd.• A paragraph which states your topic and the reasons why you want to investigate this area. It can include what you hope to learn as a result of this research.• A detailed account of your search process including questions, thoughts, ideas, problems encountered, decisions made as well as an explanation of how you made your final choice of topic. (paragraph format or bulleted diary format)• An annotated bibliography of the sources you examined which includes citations and three paragraphs for each citation: first paragraph, a brief summary of the source; second paragraph, an evaluation of the reliability of the source; and third paragraph, how it helped you in choosing your topic. (You may also include sources that you researched but led you away from certain areas that you don’t plan to use at all.)

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