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Sociology class assignment- Summary response #4September 5, 2021What is the probability that you win this game?September 5, 2021

1.  One paragraph
Adolescence is the stage in life when a child matures physically into an adult. Media and magazines depict what ‘beautiful people†are to look like.  Why do these sources cause concern for our young adults, and their eating habits? Our society struggles with obesity to anorexia in our young adult and teenage populations. What emotional and psychological factors influence these poor eating styles? How can we help our maturing children avoid these pitfalls? 
Please provide references if applicable 
2.  One paragraph
Discuss the similarities and differences between formula and breast milk. How do you feel about women who breast feed in public? Do you believe a mother should have the opportunity to breast feed while at her place of employment (on break periods)? 
Please provide references if applicable 

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