robin hood and the irs sheriff


Forget Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Do not waste your money on your state’s lottery. Get out of the office football pool. There is a better gambling mechanism awaiting you, every April 15! It involves your odds of being audited by the IRS.
If you like high-stakes gambling with your own money, and do not mind risking some jail time, playing against the IRS is just the ticket to give you goose bumps and an adrenaline rush. Winning means you get to keep your money—at least for a while; losing means giving the winner your money—plus penalties and interest (not to mention possible time away from family and your employer).
Review the gaming odds from the article, “IRS Audits Target Wage Earners, Rather Than Wealthy,” which is located on The Tax Prophet Web site. The link to the article and the gaming odds are provided in the Resources section of this discussion. Explain how you would put together a plan that could be enacted into law, to improve the odds of the IRS auditing wealthy taxpayers and corporations.

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