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Select one of the below-listed topics to use for your final project. Submit topic choice and a minimum of three references related to your topic to your instructor for approval. References should be five years or less since publication and be listed in the current APA Style. No Blog sites, WIKI, or another school of nursing references, please. The Final Project may be presented in your choice from the following: PowerPoint Presentation (PPT), Infographic, or Pamphlet.1. Nurse managers must work with staff to foster respect of different lifestyles. As a future manager, how can you provide culture-centered leadership to influence your team members and care for a culturally diverse patient population? Please incorporate concepts of cultural humility, sensitivity, or competence and one cultural theory into your response.2. Use Kouzes and Posner model to show how the nurse manager on a 30-bed rehabilitation unit would decide the best approach to finding out the cause of increasing urinary tract infections (UTIs) on her unit over the past 6 months.3. Quadruple Aim of Healthcare1. What are the guidelines for the quadruple aim?2. What is the importance of achieving the quadruple aim?3. What outcomes may be seen from promoting the leader-follower relationship?4. The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of an acute care hospital is interested in becoming a Magnet-designated hospital. The CNO would like to create a strategic plan for nursing excellence. If you were the CNO, what would the mission statement for nursing say? What would the vision statement for nursing say? What would be the core values of the nursing department? Create an Incivility Statement/Policy.5. You are assigned some risk management activities in the nursing facility where you work. In investigating incident reports filed by staff, you discover that this is the third incident this week in which a patient has fallen while attempting to get out of bed and sit in a chair. How would you begin to address this issue? Decide how you would start a more complete investigation of this issue. For example, is it a facility-wide issue or one that is confined to one unit? Does it affect all shifts or only one? What safety issues are you going to discuss with your staff, and how are you going to discuss these issues? Do these falls involve the same staff member?6. Analyze differences among research, evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence, comparative effectiveness research, outcomes research, and quality improvement. How do these practices affect nursing and patient outcomes?7. Review the educational program TeamSTEPPS. Identify two strategies you can incorporate into your practice. Present your rationale for selecting those and create an action plan to incorporate those strategies into your practice.Questions about APA? Visit the WCU Library’s APA Help guide.RubricTopic and References RubricTopic and References RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTopic Choice5 ptsMeets or Exceeds ExpectationsSubmitted topic choice from one of the options listed.0 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsNo topic submission5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA formatting10 ptsMostly Meets ExpectationsAll three articles listed are in the correct APA format, no errors noted8 ptsMostly Meets Expectations1-2 APA errors noted in formatting OR 2 references listed4 ptsBelow Expectations3-4 APA errors noted in formatting OR 1 reference listed0 ptsDoes Not Meet Expectations> 5 APA errors noted OR no references listed10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReference time frame5 ptsMeets or Exceeds ExpectationsAll three articles published within the past 5 years3 ptsMostly Meets Expectations1-2 of the articles published within the past 5 years0 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsArticles listed are all greater than 5 years old5 ptsTotal Points: 20

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