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community nursing 109September 7, 2021

Students are encouraged to create portfolios and begin to “manage” their careers. When you began a college education you took the first step. You now need to begin to reflect on the next goal, then medium, and long-term goals. I did not complete my final degree until well into my 50’s. And that is fine, I loved my health care career. I was eager to care for patients and did not leave direct patient care for many decades. I did know the time would come to do so however, and began to earn the college degrees I would need at the proper time. This is what is meant by managing your career. This is an entry level program. It is designed to assist you in getting your “foot in the door” where you can learn valuable clinical skills. A common and important degree is the Bachelor of Health Information Management (BS-HIM). This is a reflective assignment. After you have earned your Associate Degree, what would you like to do next?
Explore your next step in Career Management.
Include the following aspects in the assignment:
1.  Access AHIMA: What is Health Information
2.  Explore in detail the job outlook, roles and responsibilities of the HIM professionals.
3. Expand on your interest in pursuing this profession or if you are not interested, please discuss the reasons.
4. Implement some characteristics that makes a good leader in the field of Health Information and explain which ones you specifically have.
5.  Demonstrate the importance of HIM professionals respecting patient privacy, accuracy, and quality care
6.  This is a non-formal 1-2 page reflection; you may use “I”. As always, proper sentences, grammar, and spelling are required.

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