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Project management paper 4 | Information Systems homework helpSeptember 9, 2021

Discussion: 360-Degree Survey VendorsWhile searching for free 360-degree surveys, you probably came across quite a few webpages for vendors who will charge a lot of money to use their surveys. Take a look at the webpages or YouTube videos for some vendors, and choose one that sticks out to you the most. This could be a vendor that inspires a lot of confidence, or a vendor that does not seem to be reliable at all based on their promotional materials. Share the link with your classmates and explain what makes this vendor stand out.  This first post should be within the first few days of the module.For the second week of the module, if you have been a part of a 360-degree process before, discuss your experiences with your classmates. What went well and what went wrong in this process? What concepts from the background readings were applicable to your own experiences?  If youve never been though a 360-degree process, try asking a coworker such as your supervisor or someone from the human resource department if they have any experience with 360 processes or if they are considering implementing one in the near future.

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