CRJ 200 Borough of Manhattan Community College Constitutional Law Quiz Questions


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Quiz 1. When answering the question utilize evidence from the text book or case law to support your answer. Please proofread your answers. Each question is worth 10 points.
1. What rights are protected under the 4th Amendment?
2. Based on Terry v. Ohio, are stop and frisks illegal?
3. Officers believe that John is selling drugs. They have seen several people come in and out of his building. One day when John is not home, the officers knock on John’s door to see if they can search his home. John is not home, but his girlfriend Suzanne is and she refuses to let them in. The officers say they have a warrant and push their way past Suzanne and begin searching her home. They find several small baggies that are considered drug paraphernalia, scales, one small bag of cocaine and some residue that they believe is cocaine on the scales. Suzanne is arrested for cocaine possession and distribution of cocaine. Should the evidence that was seized be admissible in court? Why or why not?
4. Shannon is caught cutting class in the bathroom with her friend. When both students are caught, they were seen pouring something out of a bottle into the toilet. The school personnel that caught them asks Shannon to open her purse. They find a bag of marijuana, money and a small bag of cocaine. She is arrested and charged with possession. Her sentence is one year on probation. Jennifer appeals the case and says that the evidence should have been excluded because the school is not allowed to search her belongings and they went against her fourth amendment rights. How do you think the Supreme Court would rule in this case?
5. What rights are protected by the 1st amendment? What is not protected under the free speech protection?

Read Chapter 3 in Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice by Kanovitz

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