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Dreams and Meditation
1 .       One of the most interesting portions of Chapter 5 deals with Freud and his interpretation of dreams.  Here is your chance to be Freud.  Briefly describe one of your dreams and then do a Freudian interpretation of your dream.  Make sure to include the following aspects:
Brief Description of the Dream
Manifest Content of the Dream
Latent Content of the Dream What is your impression of the dream?  Why is dream analysis controversial?
2 .      In addition to dreams, the text also introduced meditation.  The practice, although an ancient exercise, is recently gaining rise in popularity and acceptance in the United States.  Scientific research is growing supporting the profound benefits of meditation on stress reduction and wellness.  Search online, or other source, for a description or example of a short ‘beginners’ meditation.  Practice the meditation for at least three days.  Describe the meditation and journal your experience.  For example: Was it frustrating?   Relaxing?  Easy?  Difficult?  What potential benefits does meditation have in your life?  Why meditation is not more widely utilized among Americans as part of their wellness routine?
Present your responses to 1 . and 2 . in a document that is at least two pages in length.  Incorporate APA formatting and references.
Respond to the prompt below.  Follow APA guidelines and include a title page, citations, and references.  Please utilize LIRN to help you get started with your search.  You may visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to utilize LIRN successfully.
Choose three concepts from Module 3 sensation, perception , and states of consciousness
 that you have found most interesting.  Your submission must be at least 2 pages in length.  Complete the following:
Describe each concept.
Explain the application each has to modern psychology or ‘real life.’
Module 3 Reading Assignment
Lahey, B. (2012).  Psychology: An introduction (11th ed.).  New York, New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.  Chapters 5 and 6.
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