ICTNWK405-ICTNWK410 Wireless Cluster

ICTNWK405-ICTNWK410 Wireless Cluster

ICTNWK405-ICTNWK410 Wireless Cluster

 Assessment Task One

 Investigate Wireless security vulnerabilities Report

  • Operation of WLANs as a communication media is summarized
  • Overview of the 802.11 WLAN standards is explained
  • Relationship between the Data Layer and the Physical layers for WLANS is defined
  • WLAN architecture of a typical system is defined and demonstrated
  • Authentication and Association methods for wireless clients are described and demonstrated
  • Strengths and weaknesses of WLAN encryption techniques are investigated
  • Current tools to discover and interrogate WLANS are demonstrated and utilized
  • WLAN security checklist is developed
  • 1x security authentication standards for WLANS (and wired devices) are summarized


Background Information:

You have been approached to provide a briefing report to the ‘Super-Awesome Company’ as they want to implement a new Enterprise Wireless Solution and need the proposed WLAN infrastructure to have the vulnerabilities described, and mitigation proposed.


Your Task:

Is to provide a briefing report for the company that:

  1. To provide an overview of the WLAN possibilities for Super-Awesome Company especially:
    1. The 802.11 standard
    2. Describe the relationship between the OSI Physical & Data link layers
    3. Typical WLAN Architecture for the Super-Awesome Company Offices
  2. To propose authenticating systems to deploy for increased WLAN security
  3. To discuss strengths and weaknesses of WLAN encryption systems
  4. To investigate different tools to discover and interrogate WLAN’s
  5. To develop a WLAN security checklist that can be deployed at the Super-Awesome Company
  6. To summarize 802.1X security authentication standards for WLANs
  7. Mark the proposed locations of the new Wireless Access Points on the floor plan provided
  8. Provide a very brief outline of the WAPs you have chosen, their cost, and why you think they are the appropriate choice.


This is basically a glorified sales pitch / proposal. You need to create the report with the guidelines that the Super-Awesome Company will want to take on your proposal and purchase your services, equipment and have you do the installation.

Here is The Floor Plan of the Office Space you need to Scope for.


Report Presentation and Style Recommendations

The report should be correctly formatted like a business proposal and be between 500 and 1500 words (please).

Title Page

Executive Summary

This is a brief outline, indicating the scope and purpose of your report. The executive summary should allow a potential reader to decide whether your report is suitable for them.

Table of Contents


Introduce your proposal
Give reasons for the report
Identify the scope of the work covered in the report,
Outline the benefits of the report and its target audience i.e., who will benefit from the work contained in the report, how and why they will benefit from it.

The Body

Mainly a discussion of the proposal outlining, but not limited to:

    • Type / Brand / and amount of hardware required to purchase
    • The Floorplan with marking where the Wireless Access Points are to be located
    • A brief justification for the amount or WAPs and their proposed locations
    • An outline of the ‘technology’ you are planning to purchase and why it is better than others
    • Why do we even need wireless anyway ?
    • What security measure are you going to put in place ?

Conclusions and/or Recommendations

This is a summary of the body and may include recommendations for future work in the area covered by the report; however, it must not introduce anything new, that is, anything that is not included in the body.




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