Part Three of Learning and Cognition Project

Part Three of Learning and Cognition Project

For this third part of the Learning and Cognition Project, you are to write your formal paper based on your work on the assignments in Unit 3 and Unit 5. Your paper is to conform to the following guidelines:

  • Title your paper using your research question.
  • Write your 10–15 page, double-spaced paper in a manner that answers the research question you posed.
  • Refer to the APA Style Paper Template located in the Resources area.
  • Develop your arguments and points using the annotated bibliography you created in Unit 5. Additional resources may be cited and referenced in your paper.
  • Use these headings to write your paper: (1) Introduction; (2) Problem Statement and Research Question; (3) Significance of Research Question; (4) Report of Research Findings; (5) Connection to Personal and Professional Goals; (6) Discussion, Recommendations, and Conclusions; and (7) References
  • Include at least five APA-formatted citations and references.
  • Use Microsoft Word.
  • Submit your final paper no later than 11:59 pm (CST/CDT) at the end of Unit 9.
  • Submit your paper to Turnitin.
  • Submit your paper to the assignment area for grading.
  • Direct questions about the assignment to your instructor.

I have attached the prior assignments, this assignment is part three.  The assignment is conditoning and stimulus learning. I have also attached feed back from the other assignments to help produce accurate work.

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