Animal Extinction Caused by Global Warming

DEVELOPMENT OF THE TASK AND THE FILE STEP 1: CHOOSING YOUR SUBJECT You must choose a current environmental issue. It is important for you to
choose a current topic and present it accurately and completely. STEP 2: THE PRESS KIT The issues presented may seem complex to you. However, when
targeting a specific example arising directly from an issue, it is easier to analyze it and form an opinion. Thus, depending on the issue chosen, you will have
to: Set up a substantial and complete press kit. Using your laptop, you should find a minimum of five articles related to your topic. For each of your articles, it
is important to indicate the source (see methodological guide). You must therefore have a Sources page at the end of your press kit and include all your
references there. Choose your articles carefully: only articles present in the press kit can be used to complete your work. ADVERTISING REALIZATION
ADVERTISING PAMPHLET REALIZATION Present your position in an attractive advertising leaflet. You must use Microsoft Publisher to complete this project.
Your flyer should include a cover page that clearly displays your position as well as two inside pages with the arguments used to support your position. The
rest of the content of your flyer is left to your imagination. But beware ! No page should be left blank. You must submit a hard copy AND a computer copy of
your work. Your press kit and the computer copy of your work must be deposited in Teams by the date requested in classThe post Animal Extinction Caused by Global Warming first appeared on homework crew.

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