Article Critique Oral health problem

Article Critique Oral health problem
Project instructions:Critique this article (Oral health problems and support as experienced by people with severe mental illness living in community-based subsidised housing–a qualitative study) and describe the Occupational Therapy Implications. I’m going to attach the article critique table. Please type/fill-in the blanks for the questions.
DESIGN? RCT                    ? Cohort? Single Case        ? Before-After? Case Control      ? Cross Sectional
SAMPLING PROCEDURE? Random              ? Controlled? Consecutive        ? Convenience
SAMPLEN =                Median AgeMale –           Ethnicity –Female –
PARTICIPANT CHARACTERISTICS    Medical Diagnosis/Clinical DisorderOT Treatment Diagnosis
OUTCOMES    MeasuresReliabilityY/N    ValidityY/N    Outcome – OT Terminology    Outcome – ICIDH-2 TerminologyINTERVENTION    DescriptionWho DeliveredSettingFrequency/Duration
CONCLUSIONSBiases? Attention? Masking/blinding? Contamination? Co-intervention? Drop outsOccupational Therapy Implications.
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