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The client is a 97 YO woman, retired, living alone in a rented apartment. She is divorced with three adult children. The patient shared her apartment with twosisters, both of whom died in 2020 (April and August). Her adult children all reside out of the state, and her daughter moved to Asia recently. She has amedical history of vertigo, bilateral malignant neoplasm of the breast, HTN, CVA, hyperlipidemia, ataxic gait, urinary incontinence, eczema, asthma, left eyecataract, and a recent diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment. She has no formal psychiatric treatment or diagnoses, no SIB, no substance use, no SA. Shecame to the ED after expressing SI and becoming dysregulated during an office visit with her neurologist, indicating that she wanted to walk into traffic andfelt depressed and lonely. In the ED, she denied having active SI, listed her grandchildren and religious beliefs as protective factors, and said she would neveract on those thoughts. The client reports a depressed mood on most days, insomnia, racing thoughts, fear of leaving her apartment, increased forgetfulness,and loss of 15 lbs. in the last two months. She also reported a fall in the bathroom but denied losing consciousness, only a bruise on the buttocks and lowerback pain a few days after the fall.What is her differential diagnosis?What are the rationales and diagnosis criteria?What other information is needed to complete a care plan for this client?

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