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TITLE: Children’s Response to ArtIntroduction: Observation of FeelingsThe AssignmentDescribing how a child does what helps us understand a child’s feelings. Observing art activities allows a unique insight into every child, for no two children work with materials in the same way. Observe a child during an art activity. In the following section, complete each of the applicable items you observed. Give a brief statement for each applicable item. Be sure to identify where you did your observation.USE ATTACHED FORM WHEN YOU DO OBSERVATION.  INCLUDE IT AS A SCANNED DOCUMENT TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION TO BLACKBOARD.Grading Criteria:Give a brief statement for each applicable item (2-3 sentences each) – 50 pointsGive a brief summary of your visit and what the creative art activity was about (4-5 sentences) – 40 pointsSpelling and grammar – 10 points
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