Progress Report ( 2 pages) due in 12 hours

Progress ReportFirst read the full report about the experimentAn assessment that takes place during a project or process, that conveys details such as what sub-goals have been accomplished, what resources have been expended, what problems have been encountered, and whether the project or process is expected to be completed on time and within budget. Progress reports are used by management to determine whether changes are necessary to an ongoing effort.Accomplish:·      I have to write 2 pages’ report about my experiment.·      The have accomplishes:·      The whole experiment method and research.·      I created the ingredient list.·      In this test I will be using Nested Anova test.Problems:·      The big problem is When I order the Zebrafish it have to be identical, same weight, length, age. The problem is if I order it from pet store the fish type will be commercial. It has to be eligible for scientific experiment.·      The time line will be shorter, I was planning to do the experiment for 5 weeks, now I will make it 3 weeks. Because there will be limited number of tanks and a lot of students will use the marine lab.·      There will be no time to replicate the experiment this semester. Because there will be limited number of tanks and a lot of students will use the marine lab.·      Find problems that might happened with Nested Anova test and write about it in the report.·      I will face other problem that will have an effect on the result, such as Ph, temperature. I have to control those factors.
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