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You work for a healthcare company and have been tasked with creating an informational brochure on an autoimmune condition.Examples include multiple sclerosis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. Research the condition and apply the content that you learned in the lesson on the immune system. Include:A description of the causes of the conditionAn analysis of the risk factors associated with the condition and how you may be able to prevent itAn explanation of how the condition affects the body, focusing specifically on the immune systemAn evaluation of any known treatments for the conditionMake sure the main points of your brochure are clear and supported. Transitions are clear and logical, the organization is well planned, and the language used is appropriate. For example, highlight and use key words and phrases to inform your audience about the selected autoimmune condition.Be creative with your brochure. This is not a paper or essay. Feel free to include images, graphs, charts, or any other design element of your choosing. You can use software of your choice to create the brochure. For example, you can complete the brochure as a PDF, a Word doc, an infographic, or any other visual that works for the content of this assignment. A few examples of free software that can help you out are Adobe Spark, Canva, Flipbuilder, and Lucidpress. You do not have to use any of these sites, rather they are meant to provide you with options for creating your brochure.
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