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1. If I wanted to test nutritional supplement to see if it made mice run faster, how could I test that and what would be my control?2. Why do you think viruses are not considered to be alive?3. What organelles have double membranes?4. If I cross a red flower and a blue flower and get purple flower offspring, what kind of genetic dominance is that?5. If I put a red blood cell into pure water what will happen and why?6. What products of photosynthesis are used in cellular respiration?7. If an organism had no oxygen could they make any ATP and how?8. What two enzymes are necessary to make recombinant DNA?9. What are the differences between transgenic animals and cloned animals?10. If I wanted to amplify a small piece of viral DNA, how could I do that and what would be some of the steps of that process?11. What would be the difference in a karyotype between a male and a female?12. If I gave an organism drugs that inhibit apoptosis, what do you think the effects may be?13. What are the differences between the daughters cells of mitosis and the daughter cells of meiosis?14. If I give you a protein shake without a label, how could you determine the percentage of proteins in that shake experimentally?15. If I want a protein that is soluble in oil, what types of amino acids would I want that protein to be made out of?16. If I have DNA that is ATCGGCCAA what would the replicated DNA strand look like?17. If I have mRNA that is AUGAAAUUU what amino acids would that code for?18. What are the steps of HIV replication in the host cell? What steps do you think could be inhibited by drugs?19. If a chemical prevented protein dimerization, what part of signaling pathways would that affect?20. If two siblings have the same parents, why are they so genetically different from each other?21. Why are there more cells in telophase in an onion root tip than you will find cells in telophase in the onion leaf?22. What aspect of water keeps coastal areas at a moderate temperature?23. What aspect of water allows coastlines to remain the same temperature?24.What are two examples of active transport? What are two examples of passive transport?25. If BbCc x BbCc what percentage of the offspring would be expected to be bbcc?
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