A Beginning Concept Analysis Towards the Development of a Theory of Nursing Practice

In this assignment, you will write, no more than four (3) pages about a concept and explaining why you hold it dear to yourself. This is called values
Perhaps you have gone through self introspection every now and then you might ask yourself:
Why do I value this?(your values system)
Why do you value patience? respect? comforting? cleanliness? spirituality? acculturation? inclusion? social injustice? social distancing/close socializing?
These are just examples of a concept(s).
For this paper you will perform an analysis of a concept. Perhaps you would want to be curious as to how this word came about. In other words, you would
want to know it origins. This is what you call the epistemology of a concept.
Then go back to values clarification. Ask yourself:
Why do I value this concept so much?
Explain the reason why it is significant in your life.
Further, why did it become important part of my belief system?
Then, ask yourself:
Have I been applying my belief system in term of my professional nursing practice? Explain why?
Expand the answers to the “why” to the 4 metaparadigms of nursing: man, health, environment.
At this point you are now connecting your concept with the 4 metaparadigms of nursing. Eventually you will connect your expanded idea to call it YOUR OWN
theory of nursing practice. Name it!
It should adhere to 7th edition APA style (includes introduction, body, conclusion) with correct grammar and spelling are expected.
Enhance Professional Nursing Practice 20%: How the nursing theory enhances professional nursing practice in the roles of advocate, provider, teacher,
manager, researcher, and leader.
Promote Health & Healing 10%: How using nursing theory and theory from other disciplines as a basis for the nursing process helps promote health and
Challenge, Explore & Action 30%: How we can use nursing theory to challenge professional and organizational assumptions, explore alternatives, and guide
nursing actions.
Metaparadigms 10%: identifying and defining the nursing metaparadigms.
Theorists 10%: analyzing the philosophical bases of the concepts as they relate to specific theorists.
Nursing Theories 10%: differentiating the concepts as they relate to selected nursing theories
Personal Nursing Philosophy 10%: constructing a personal nursing philosophy by integrating the metaparadigms and the his/her individual values.The post A Beginning Concept Analysis Towards the Development of a Theory of Nursing Practice first appeared on homework crew.

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