How to prevent democracy from backsliding

My previous essay was “How to prevent democracy from backsliding” but my professor said my essay was too tailored around Egypt that has no democracyto currently backslide. So I was suggested to write about Turkey in the MENA area instead.This one is very complicated because I can’t come up with a research question….– Need Turkey to be an added research to the essay.Topic• The paper should advance an original theoretical argument regarding one aspect of the democratization process or quality of democracy and should testthat argument in one or two countries of your choice.• Possible topics include democratization process, prospect for a successful transition, prospect for a successful consolidation, quality of democracy, oneaspect of democratic systems such as elections, a form of government, the rule of law, human rights, and similar. These are just potential topics; you canchoose any topic that addresses the issue of democratization.• In developing your argument, consider some of the following questions (please keep in mind that these questions are simply suggestions and not all will berelevant to your topic)o What is the likelihood countries will become stable democracies?o Which factors contribute to success full transition?o What are some obstacles to successful transition and consolidation?o Which conditions might create different prospects for democracy?o How can any similar/different traits explain similar/different paths toward democracy? o In which way do countries’ economic systems contribute to orhinder their transition? o What affects/determines the quality of democratic institutions?Cases• In choosing case studies, select one or two countries that are eithero attempting to transition to democracy,o potentially transitioning in the near future, oro is/are new democracies• If you are selecting two countries, they must be from the same regiono You may NOT write about the United States, Canada, or Western European countries.Content• Remember, you are writing an academic research paper.• You are writing for the general research community, and the paper should use languageappropriate for scholarly journals, have an original argument, be free from bias, be well- substantiated by empirical evidence, and should conform to thestandards of the academic community.o Make sure your paper has a clear thesis—your paper must have an argument▪ The paper should focus on analyzing and critically evaluating the issues inthe question, not on summarizing current events or historical trends▪ While it is possible that your argument will be influenced by one or more already existing theoretical arguments, please keep in mind that you are stillexpected todevelop your own original argument.▪ Simply stating that you “agree with another author” and writing a paper aboutthat does not constitute an original argument.• In general, your paper should include the following components:1. an introduction,2. a problem statement,3. literature review,4. discussion of methodology and data,5. description and evaluation of your research findings, and6. summary of your findings and conclusions.Sources• You must use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources (peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books), in addition to the assigned class readings.o In addition to these sources, you may use official governments’ and organizations’ sources for data. No “.com” sources are allowed. These .gov and .orgsources may only be used for data, not for opinions or analyses. Some examples of sources that offer data on quality of democracy and development includeInternational IDEA, Freedom House, Polity Project, World Bank’s Doing Business, The World Economic Forum, United Nations Development Programme, andsimilar.Grading• Your ability to present a reasoned, analytically sound, empirically valid, and original argument;o quality and depth of your research;o quality of data;o clarity and coherence of writing;o the extent to which all length/formatting guidelines were followed (length of the paper,APA formatting, page numbers, cover page, and similar)o citations (properly cited sources both in text and in references, complete citations, andsimilar).

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