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TURNITINSCORE will be used. NO PLAGIARISM.Intext citations please.References at the endInstructions: Each item must haveat least 5 complete sentences. Must havein-textcitation.Body Weight & Physical Status:How does excess body weight affectBody Systems? Describe the mechanisms (physiological mechanism of how and why) of extra body weight on each body system. Must include in-text citations.Cardiovascular (CV)Gastrointestinal (GI) SystemMusculoskeletal SystemEndocrine SystemImmune SystemBarriers and Challenges: Identify3 barriers and challengesto losing weight in the U.S. Describe how and why each identified barrier and challenge affect losing weight? Must include in-text citations1.2.3.Cultural Considerations:Identify3 different cultures.Describe how and why each culture influence weight and weight loss with clients in each culture. Must include in-text citations.1.2.3.Advice for Mark:What would you suggest helpingMarkachieve a healthy weight? Must include in-text citations
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