Compare/Contrast: macomber vs adams

Compare/Contrast: macomber vs adams

the one i want to do is the one that is bolded and italicized. Which is option 1. 

directions: Choose one of the following topics. Your essay must be well developed and include a well-developed introductory paragraph, clear thesis, several supporting paragraphs, and a well-developed concluding paragraph. Avoid generalities and vague references. Include plenty of analysis/commentary in the body paragraphs. Do not simply offer a summary of the two works. Incorporate direct quotes from the works you are analyzing. Word count: At least 750 words.

–No research. No outside sources permitted.

–This essay must be, double-spaced, 12-point-size type, Times New Roman Font.

–Email as an MS Word attachment to my Blackboard Email.

1) Compare/contrast Francis Macomber and Nick Adams in terms of a significant theme. For example: courage, self-examination/exploration, redemption, death, etc.

2) Compare/Contrast any two of the following in terms of a significant theme.: Dexter Green, Charlie Wales or Nick Adams. For example: self-examination/exploration, time, redemption, wealth, the American Dream, the modern quest, etc.

3) Compare/contrast any two of the following in terms of a significant theme: “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” “Fire and Ice,” “The Road Not Taken,” “Design.” For example: time/change, death, decisions/dualities, ambivalence, etc.

4) Compare/Contrast one or both of Cullen’s poems (“Yet Do I Marvel,” “Incident”) with one or all three of Hughes’ poems (“I, Too,” “Theme for English B”) according to a significant theme. For example: race/racism, alienation, identity, etc.

Examples of some elements to discuss in the course of your analysis: characters, setting, significant scenes, significant statements/dialogue, language, literary techniques such as symbolism, metaphor, etc.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism–the using of words or ideas of others as one’s own without acknowledgement–is a serious academic offense. Plagiarism can be committed in two ways: either by copying exactly what the writer has said or by summarizing or paraphrasing the ideas as your own. Copying the words or ideas of another without acknowledgment in a piece of written work amounts to an attempt to claim them as one’s own. Such actions will not be tolerated. Where plagiarism is detected in a piece of submitted work it may be considered as academic misconduct and dishonesty. If a student submits a plagiarized essay, the student will immediately receive an “F” for the course. If a student submits an essay found on the Internet (or part/s of an essay or material found on the Internet), the student will fail the course. No exceptions.


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