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access_timeNovember 2, 2021


ABC University (ABCU) has developed a sophisticated information system that exhaustively garners information about students and uses that information to identify students at risk. Information it gathers includes 
• Students’ entire previous academic history; 
• Students’ learning management system activity logs (for example, how often students visit Blackboard and how long they stay on the site); 
• Students’ academic misconduct record; 
• Students’ attendance for each class; 
• Students’ marks for each assessment;
 â€¢ Students’ campus activity logs (how often they visit campus and how long they stay on campus); 
• Students’ English level; All the information is funnelled through a sophisticated intelligent algorithm that associates each student with a risk level and categorise all students into three classes: low-risk, medium-risk and high- risk. 
The collation of information pertaining to students’ all sorts of academic activities provides much greater insights of each student’s risk level which would otherwise not be possible with isolated information. Lecturers and other staff in academic management have access to each student’s label. ABCU claims that such an information system helps lecturers and academic management to better target students that are in need. However, some students ABCU expressed concerns about this system, which has caused some discomfort among students. They feel that they are being subject to surveillance by the university and the university knows too much about them. Are you concerned about the usage of such an information system at ABCU? Are there any ethical, legal and social concerns over the usage of such an information system? Would you introduce an information system policy to prevent the development and implementation of such information systems altogether?
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