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Assignment#12 (10 PTS) CHAPTER15: MICROBES NAME:1. In the human body, there are approximately _____ trillion human cells and ______ trillion bacterial cells.a. 90; 10b. 10; 90c. 10; 60d. 60; 10e. None of the above.2. If a bacterium is Gram positive, what can you conclude?a. It is sphere shaped (cocci).b. It is rod shaped (bacilli).c. It is spiral shaped (spirilli).d. Its cell wall contains a glycoprotein layer outside.e. Its cell wall lacks a glycoprotein layer outside.3. If genes for bacterial antibiotic resistance are spread via plasmids, which process is involved?a. Conjugationb. Transductionc. Transformationd. None of the above.4. Which disease listed below is not caused by a microbe?a. Trichomoniasisb. HPVc. HIV/AIDSd. Phenylketonuriae. Cholera5. Which characteristic distinguishes archaeans from bacteria?a. Presence of a nucleusb. Lack of a flagellumc. Significant differences in DNA sequencesd. Presence of a nuclear membranee. Lack of a plasma membrane6. Which organelle likely evolved first in ancient protists (acritarchs)?a. Golgi apparatusb. Lysosomesc. Nucleusd. Mitochondriae. Chloroplasts7. Which organism below is not a protist?a. Seaweed (kelp)b. Phytoplanktonc. Amoebad. Malaria-causing Plasmodiume. Lyme disease-causing spirochete8. Why are viruses considered non-living?a. Viruses cannot replicate on their own.b. Viruses do not carry out any metabolic processes.c. Viruses are not composed of cells.d. Viruses cannot detect and respond to environmental stimuli.e. All of the above.9. How does HIV evade the host immune system?a. It attacks white blood cells.b. It mutates rapidly.c. It evolves in the host, so it is always changing.d. All of the above.10. What can you do to decrease the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?a. Never ask for antibiotics when you have a cold or the flu.b. When you are prescribed antibiotics, finish the entire prescribed amount.c. Avoid purchasing meat and poultry from sources known to use antibiotics.d. Wash hands often, especially before and after visiting a hospital.e. All of the above.

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