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Paper Guidelines for Geo 102:Lectures from classes: solar system, plate tectonics, deformation, faults and earthquake, seismology and minerals, igneous rocks, volcanoes, running water, ground waterAssignment due : DEC 3. FRI / 2021.Choose a topic that relates to the last lectures in the syllabus, on Global Climate Change, or on Energy Resources. Your topic should be quite specific – ‘the contribution of deforestation to global climate change’, or ‘the role of offshore windfarms in electricity production’, as opposed to anything too broad or general, like ‘wind energy’ or ‘climate change’.Distribution of earth’s water and hydrologic cycle.Example: the role of earth’s water distribution, how its distributed and earth’s water hydrologic cycle in relation to earth’s water shortage problem or how it affects our lives.Example 2: We learned the types of volcanoes and how it formed our continent, could write something about how volcanic activities affected human history and lifestyle.Example 3: volcano and fossils, how they became major source of our energy, how it affects our earth and possible sustainable energies.Your paper should be not more than five pages of writing, 12 font and 1.5-spaced. Figures should be included and can be embedded within the text, but should not be included in determining the length of the paper. There is no minimum length for the paper – instead you should be careful to explain your topic in adequate depth. It is not enough to provide a summary of the Wikipedia article for a topic. Wikipedia is a good source to start with, and then to use to explore linked articles and references for more sources. There are also a great many websites and publications on developments in climate change and in energy resources that should be easy to find.When using a website (or anything) as a source, make sure to remember two key points: 1) you must list that website as a reference for any piece of information you use in your paper which is not common knowledge; 2) you should put the information from the website in your own words. While it is also acceptable (not plagiarism) to put information in quotation marks if you are not putting it in your own words, for a college-level science paper you should not be copying-and-pasting someone else’s writing. References should be indicated with a number within the text, and may be listed with complete website addresses or other reference information at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper.

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