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MBA 757Instructions to complete Leadership Development PortfolioWhat is a Leadership Development Portfolio?A Leadership Portfolio is an ongoing reflection of the individual accomplishments, skills, activities and other related experiences that have contributed to your personal leadership development throughout the semester. See the section entitled “What is included in my leadership portfolio?” to ensure that you follow the correct format.What are Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaires?You will complete several self-assessment questionnaires throughout the course as part of your leadership development. Blank copies of self-assessments are provided in Moodle. Once you complete a self-assessment questionnaire, you will rate or score your responses. In addition, you will write a 1-2 paragraph summary of your results based on the scoring interpretation and questions presented at the end of the self-assessment questionnaire.The complete results (1-2 paragraph summaries) from your self-assessment questionnaires will not be due until the end of the 7-week module. Summaries of all of your self-assessments must be included in your Leadership Development Portfolio. You do not have to complete them every week, unless they are used as part of another assignment. As an example, the MBTI personality test must be completed in order to respond to discussion forum # 1. I highly suggest that you complete the other self-assessment questionnaires as they coincide with weekly course material.You will complete a total of seven (7) leadership self-assessment questionnaires (located in the Leadership Development Portfolio Folder): Week 1: Self-Assessment of Leadership Communication Abilities (Barrett textbook, Appendix A). Week 1: Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test (www.16personalities.com) completed as part of the Week 1 Discussion Forum Week 2: Leadership Trait Questionnaire Week 3: Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire Week 4: Skills Inventory Week 5: Leadership Behavior Questionnaire Week 6: Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire Week 7: NONENOTE: The Self-Assessment of Leadership Communication Abilities should be completed during Week 1 to identify areas that you need to grow and further develop as a leader.What format should I use for my Leadership Portfolio?Since you will be writing and reflecting on your leadership development throughout the course, create your documents in Microsoft Word or a comparable word processing program. Your portfolio should include a section for each of the items in the Table of Contents. Each section should be clearly labeled, either with a title page or with a distinct header. Use 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, double spaced, 1-inch margins.What is included in my Leadership Portfolio?Your portfolio will be assessed for grammar, punctuation, and proper formatting. (5%)Use 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, double spaced, 1-inch marginsYour leadership portfolio should include the following:• Cover page• Table of Contents page• Personal Statement or Philosophy on Leadership• Results & Reflections on Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaires• Moments of Inspiration & Motivation• Essay on Summary of Leadership Development ExperienceThe table of contents for your leadership portfolio is listed below. In your table of contents you should list each major heading:Table of ContentsI. Personal Statement or Philosophy on LeadershipII. Results & Reflections on Leadership Self-AssessmentsIII. Moments of Inspiration & MotivationIV. Essay on Leadership Development ExperiencePersonal Statement or Philosophy on Leadership (1 page) 5%Develop a personal statement or philosophy on leadership. In this case, creating and describing what leadership is and what it means to you will help to develop an understanding of why you participate in leadership. Your statement can include: your definition of leadership, a description of leadership qualities. You may also include your thoughts on the importance of communicating well as a leader. For example:Leadership is the ability to guide a team of people in accomplishing a task or goal while utilizing the skills of each member of the team and making each member feel committed to the process and the team as a whole. A good leader sets attainable goals, communicates effectively, involves everyone on the team, and acknowledges the skills of each member of the team. The most important leadership characteristics are integrity and enthusiasm. When goal attainment is difficult, a leader can recognize difficulties without sacrificing enthusiasm or encouragement.Your personal statement can be succinct, like the one above, or more detailed, but should not be more than one page.Moments of Inspiration/Motivation (2-3 pages) 30%In this section, you have an opportunity to highlight some of your moments of inspiration throughout the semester. Leadership development is a deliberate act. You must be present, dedicated and actively engaged in the process. Be as daring, courageous and creative as you’d like! Include pictures of someone who motivates you or social media posts. You will need at least five examples/experiences with a brief description of what is it, why you were inspired and how it relates to leadership. Limit to no more than 3 pages.Your reflective essay could include:• I participated in a volunteer experience with Habitat for Humanity. This experience challenged me to be a better leader because….• I most admire Nelson Mandela as a leader because….• The quote “To whom much is give, much is expected” inspires me to serve others. Serving others will help me be a better leader because…• I watched a Ted Talk video on Dr. Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability. This video inspired me to focus on vulnerability and courage which will make me a better leader because….• I was selected to lead a project at work or school. This was an awesome leadership experience because…• I have difficulty speaking in front of large groups of people. I decided to join Toastmaster’s to improve my communication skills. Improving my communication skills will help me be a better leader because….• I asked John Smith to become my mentor. Having a mentor will challenge me to develop as a leader because…• Using social media to network is helps to build relationships. Networking is a great leadership skill because…• I volunteered to coach my son’s football team. Serving as a coach and mentor is important to me because…Results & Reflections on Leadership Self-Assessments Questionnaires (length will vary) 30%See section above related to leadership self-assessment questionnaires. A comprehensive summary of all of your completed self-assessments must be included in your leadership development portfolio. It is not necessary to include copies of your competed self-assessments. I only want to review your written summary for each self-assessment.Essay on Leadership Development Experience (2-3 pages) 30%The final aspect of your leadership portfolio is a 2-3 page essay on your leadership development experience this semester. In this essay you want to describe if and how you’ve grown as a leader. Describe in detail how experiences, self-assessment results, dialogue in class discussion forums, videos, etc. impacted your leadership growth. As you reflect, ensure that you answer the following questions:• How has your definition of leadership changed during the semester? If it did not, explain why?• Has your ability to effectively communicate with others changed? Why or why not?• Did you experience an increase in awareness of yourself and others in relation to leadership? If not, explain why.• How have you demonstrated the skills necessary to work collaboratively? Effectively communicate? Lead a team?• Which leadership style do you must closely align with? Why? As an example, are you a transformational or situational leader? Or a combination of a few styles?• Describe how you better understand leadership as a process, not a position?• Discuss how you have sought opportunities to enhance your leadership development and engage in leadership behaviors. Have you adjusted how you lead and/or follow others?• Overall, how was your experience in the course? Do you believe that your leadership and communication skills have improved? Has your confidence grown as a leader?• What do you plan to do to continue to hone your leadership and communication skills beyond this class?

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